Guy Montrose out

The LPUK website has had a refresh and lists the following:

Simon Walmsley – Acting Chairman

Well hello Simon, but wait – no Guy Montrose? Enquiries on Facebook show Guy is taking a “break from politics”.

Since Guy joined LPUK notably more had been done, but I always said he was driving down a dead end in which the party would be unable to accept TV interviews or rise to any degree of prominence. I was recently proved right on that, and perhaps the effect has been to put Guy off spending time on Andrew Withers’ ego-project.

And what of Andrew? His new letter retains a trace of class by thanking “all the members of the NCC past and present that have kept us moving forward and the activists who devote so much time and energy”. I will have more on those activists later in the week. Meanwhile, Andrew can’t help another dig at so called “keyboard warriors” seeking to differentiate himself as a leader focused on “building a presence on the ground with the public” while his list of activities mentions only his interactions with foreign libertarians outside the UK and with Guy’s project the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties. It is unclear how Andrew has helped to reach out to either the UK libertarian grassroots or to the general public. Indeed it was unclear at election time whether anyone at LPUK had a clear picture of where their candidates had chosen to stand, let alone what help and support they needed.

In a move that sums up Andrew, at a time when he was supposed to be resigning he has added to his job title “IALP Representative”. Of course he is not a representative of the IALP, if anything he is a representative of himself to the IALP, not the other way around. This seems intended to protect his right to be taken seriously at FreedomFest, where people will not know him and he can wear whatever airs and pretences he desires. I have a feeling he will be the only Libertarian Party leader there choosing to introduce himself with that job title, because the others will have more substantial things to say about themselves.

It seems to me that Guy was the best hope of a decent new leader for LPUK. Andrew is supposed to have resigned, the second time he has done so. If Guy thought that was true, why has he chosen to go now?


  1. I think you are much too harsh on Andrew Withers.

    Now he has resigned as party leader who is paying for his Tesco shopping? Or has he kept the bank card?

    It would certainly be distressing to think of this once proud libertarian in a food bank.



    1. For the avoidance of law suits, there is no evidence the money spent in Tescos was not spent legitimately. Andrew has declined to comment and failed to act to enable oversight for some years. His party has filed all the necessary accounts, and did so with obviously contradictory numbers.



    1. No it’s not funny.

      I know libertarians are supposed to believe in due process but there comes a time when, if you see a large grey mammal with big ears and a trunk standing in front of you, you are entitled to describe it as an elephant.

      What is more concerning is that Withers is apparently scooting around Europe talking to libertarians in Norway, Sweden, Italy, France and Holland and no doubt accepting “hospitality” from them.

      Are they not entitled to some sort of warning?



      1. This blog has been flagging up the issue for some years, but as you know Andrew is litigious so I stick to the facts. Such as the fact that on his watch more than £4000 simply vanished, literally unaccounted for. That fact is acknowledged in the public record. That highly implicit acknowledgement is seriously inadequate from an ethical and practical perspective, but is nevertheless an acknowledgement from the Party so can be reasonably assumed to be true from a libel perspective.

        There may be other examples of facts, for example his election expenses he claimed when not standing on behalf of the party in an election that did not actually occur. We don’t talk enough about that, probably because the amount was small, but that does not make it OK. I think the most pertinent fact is that he doesn’t do anything and is a roadblock to good people such as Guy and others.

        Stories about this are all here to be made use of. Though I prefer not to cross post them they can be linked to and shared. The search feature on the homepage is working just fine and they are all tagged appropriately. Unfortunately the mainstream media are not interested and Wikipedia will not link to self-published sources so what else can we do? The problem exists between the cracks in the system.


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