Thursday Speaker: JP Floru

JP Floru is one of the British libertarian movement’s most recognisable and dynamic personalities. With a background in law, business as well as politics, JP’s perspectives on the need for freedom are delivered with the authority of experience.

JP Floru has championed the cause of individual liberty since his arrival in Britain over twenty years ago. After a career at a large City law firm, he started his own art business. He then worked as a parliamentary liaison and senior research fellow for The Adam Smith Institute, setting up Freedom Week, a course for undergraduates who wish to learn more about free market economics and free societies. He has also worked for Steve Baker MP in Parliament.

JP’s writing career includes contributions to The Daily Telegraph and ConservativeHome. He has also authored two books: What the Immigrant Saw, published in 2011, and Heavens on Earth – How to Create Mass Prosperity, published in 2013.

According to his website, “Improving people’s economic circumstances and aspirational policies are at the heart of JP Floru’s political discourse.” To this end, JP is currently a Conservative councillor for one of London’s most diverse boroughs, Westminster.

The most popular Belgian since Hercule Poirot will be speaking to Libertarian Home about the Boundaries of Libertarianism (a title we made up since he was late in agreeing one)


  1. Isn’t Tintin a popular Belgian? And Milou/Snowy? That apart, how very nice to have such a noteworthy speaker. What’s the new location?



    1. The Two Chairmen, Westminster. Not to be confused with the one in the west end. Full address and details on the other end of the link.



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