Long live the Queen?

We were live at the scene when a flotilla of regal boats created no “fuss” as they paraded along the Thames. Crowds of surprised onlookers gathered on the Millennium Bridge and on Bankside.

Expensive? I expect so. Legit? You tell me.


  1. The Royal estates make far more money for the government than is spent on the monarchy. Any establishment of a Republic would (in justice) involve those profits no longer going to the government – but, rather, to a private citizen by the name of Elizabeth W.

    Also I rather doubt that anarcho capitalism would be established (although if it has been Philip would have stayed the commander of a military ship, for a private “Protection Company”, and would never have been forced out of the navy as he was in 1952) – so the expense of “Mr President” and his family (there is always a family “First Lady” and so on) to contend with.

    The historic castles and palaces? As in France they would still be funded from taxation – even though there is no French monarchy any more.

    But it is not really about money anyway.

    It is about someone in government not being there by voting (i.e. flattering voters) or by appointment – cronyism.

    Someone being there by “accident of birth” – with more than a thousand years of tradition sitting on the shoulders. Not to “William the Bastard” – remember his youngest son Henry married a direct descendant of Alfred the Great. One of the reason that “the English” fought for him against his brothers.

    Only the Oldenbergs of Denmark have been around longer.

    When the burial mounds of ancient chiefs of the past were investigated it was found that the DNA was the same family as the modern Kings of Denmark.

    They are truly “older than the hills”

    “But they do not actually do anything”.

    They can do – in extreme situations.

    And then when they speak or act they stand for the nation far more than any politician or civil servant can.



  2. One does not really want the “interesting times” when a monarch has to do things – or the nation perish.

    Tolkien’s “Shire” was much better off when the Thrain could remain a quiet farmer – although with titles “The Took”, “The Thrain” and with the right to put a number after his name – than when he had to be a war leader.

    And I am sure the “White Lady of the English” (the daughter of Alfred) would have preferred the fairly quiet life of Elisabeth (opening social events and so on) – rather than her actual life of fighting the Viking raiders.

    First in a Shield Wall (rather hard for a women who are weaker than men) at the age of 15 – when ambushed on the way to her wedding, and having to defend a ditch.

    And having to make decisions such as the following……

    Years later many Viking raiders had hidden in a wood – rather than face the “White Lady of the English” – floating down like the white death of the winter snows (know as far away as Scandinavia or the Annals of Ireland).

    Do you let them go – to slaughter more people?

    Do you march into the wood – and get cut to bits?

    Or do you do something else……..

    Such as burn the whole forest.

    Burn the Vikings alive.

    Her foster son Athelstan wanted a quiet life – we know that (he was intensely drawn to the Church – as his grandfather Alfred had been, left to himself he would most likely would have been a priest or monk).

    But his days were not quiet.

    A vast alliance was formed – of Scots, Welsh, Irish, native Britons (from Cornwall and some from Devon) and Vikings.

    The objective of this alliance?

    The EXTERMINATION of the English.

    The boasts were quite clear – none of the English would be left alive. The land would no longer hear their accused language – for all would be dead, and cold, and left for the dogs and rats.

    Living on this island for centuries was of no importance.

    For they had “stolen the land” – just as Rothbardians say that Americans “stole the land”. and committed “genocide” against the Indian tribes.

    What did Athelstan do to the army of that alliance?

    We do not know exactly – but it was something terrible.

    So terrible that he passed punishment on himself.

    And did public penance on the day of the battle (rather than celebrating it) for the rest of his life.

    Better to be a “do nothing” monarch who lives in quiet times.



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