Thursday Speaker: Nick Cowen

Nick Cowen is a short sharp academic with a shocking message for mainstream cultural conservatives: some people are kinky, get over it.

Nick campaigns on issues such as the criminalisation of “sexting” (sending explicit images of yourself) by children, the criminalisation of extreme pornography, and studies the factors influencing violent crime, including London’s summer riots.

Nick CowenHis PhD is in progress and is refreshingly libertarian, addressing “the robustness of institutions aiming at distributive [Rawlsian] justice […in the face of…] uncertainty, tacit knowledge, and bounded rationality”. He also has degrees from Oxford and University College London having studied philosophy, politics and political theory. He has worked for Civitas as well as the Cabinet Office and has written for the Daily Express, Sunday Times, Yorkshire Post, and

Nick will be speaking at the Greencoat Boy on Thursday October 1st on “Sex, tech and the free society”.

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