The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

For those interested in the practice of private, direct medical care in the U.K. and elsewhere, AAPS — the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons — is a national organization with chapters in several states of doctors who provide just that. They were founded in 1943 and are, at least mostly, conservativish-libertarianish. Their home page, has links to many videos of presentations presented at the organization’s various conferences. These I find quite interesting, as they give considerable knowledge about how different doctors have built their practices, the services they provide, the costs to patients, whether or not they take insurance or Medicare (most don’t, I think; instead there’s a monthly membership fee, which entitles one to free or relatively inexpensive care depending on the practitioner).

Many of the doctors make house calls if necessary, and there seems to be a general attitude that the patients will be seen and treated as Real Human Persons.

There is also a table of available physicians, and where they are located. And more.

The page of “Resources” has links to several types of content, including journal articles, the videos, the list of available physicians, summaries of government hearings, podcasts “provid[ing] weekly interviews with the top individuals working to keep freedom alive in American medicine,” and more.

The members vary in their interests and methods. For example, some are interested in “alternative” as well as conventional Western medicine; and a few days ago I watched a couple of videos, one by a young man just starting to build his practice who is bound and determined that his office will be entirely, 100%, paperless. All notes, records, memos, “charts” (meaning “files”), etc. will exist only in electronic form. The other, by Craig Wax, begs doctors to keep hardcopy of absolutely everything, and never commit to electronic storage any personal information on patients for the Feds to rifle through. Mr. Wax has more than one video on the topic. In particular, this is the age of EHR — Electronic Health Records — which he seems to see as a general Governmental dream situation in which literally nothing is private anymore. (I certainly see it that way!)

I think that even though it’s largely aimed at doctors, the site should also be interesting to those campaigning for Direct Care (“conciérge practices”), partly because of the many different choices people have made about how to set up their practices, how to charge, when to offer free care out of charity, and so on; and also to the layman who may one day have the misfortune of needing a doctor, without having to deal with the NHS in the U.K. (or ObamaCare, Medicare, insurance companies here).


Also, a side note: There is now a volunteer clinic and practice somewhere in Wisconsin which has no paid staff whatsoever. IIRC it was started by a minister, and equipped with funds donated by many individuals. I think that because of its status as a pure, volunteer clinic, some of the usual Federal and State medical regulations don’t apply to it. Sorry I don’t have the URL, but if I can locate it again I will post it.

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