Thursday Speaker: Laura Lee

Laura is a sex worker and activist who has been involved in the industry for more than 20 years. She started out working in a massage parlour whilst at university when she realised that it was a better way to fund her studies than more traditional options such as bar work. These days she provides services as a professional dominatrix as well as helping to fulfill the emotional and physical needs of disabled and terminally ill clients that might otherwise be denied them.

When not engaged with clients Laura is an active campaigner for sex workers rights focusing mainly on her native Ireland and her adopted home in Scotland. In this role she has been a spokesperson for the International Union of Sex Workers Scotland and Ireland and appeared as an expert witness before a hostile Justice Committee in Stormont when Lord Morrow’s Human Trafficking Bill, part of which aimed to criminalise the purchase of sexual services in Northern Ireland, was in the committee stage. She has also faced down various abolitionist politicians on radio and television and written for the Independent.

Since the passage of Lord Morrow’s bill, Laura has been working with legal counsel to launch a judicial review in respect of the parts surrounding consensual adult activity and says she will take it all the way to the European Courts if necessary. She is also actively with SCOTPEP and has welcomed MSP Jean Urquhart’s recent consultation which aims to decriminalise sex work in that country.
Laura Lee is speaking at the Two Chairmen, Westminster on December 3rd.

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