Thursday Speaker: Robert Zdanowski

Robert is a 31 year old Polish immigrant and a recent regular at the monthly meetup. He has made an impression in a very simple way: he worked the entire room, with great politeness and warmth, asking for the help he needed to get stuff done. Whether it was directions to the train station, seeking to meet other Free State Project participants and supporters, or buying some Bitcoin he showed that when he wanted to do something, he was prepared to make it happen.

Robert should know how the state works reasonably well, he worked at Skarzysko-Kamienna City Hall as a clerical assistant  “select[ing] people to redeem the tax”. He also is not the first speaker to have worked as a security guard, which was his last job in Warsaw before leaving Poland for the UK. He now works as a care assistant in Kent.

Robert earned a Master of Arts from the Institute of Political Science and International Relations in Krakow.

Between 2009 and 2010 he shed 110 lbs through a weight loss process. Something I am sure he will be fielding questions on after his talk!

Robert Zdanowski will be providing an update on the Free State Project at the Two Chairmen, Westminster on Jan 7th.


LATER: a summary of the event is now available.

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