Thursday Speaker: Gareth Corfield

Gareth Corfield is widely known as a sub-editor for The Register, a popular technology “tabloid” website. Amongst firearms enthusiasts will be known as trustee of the London and Middlesex Rifle Association, a sporting charity. He is, however, also a blogger and will representing himself as such when he speaks on Thursday 4th February on the UK’s gun laws.

Gareth operates the UK Shooting News which tracks gun legislation and keeps an eye on the highly partial state-institutions lobbying for ever more restrictive gun laws. On this blog he applied his craft as professional journalist to his favorite leisure-time topic.

Gareth studied English with Creative Writing at Brunel and continued there for with a post-graduate diploma. His peers found him to be a natural academic, yet Gareth’s chosen career was professional journalism.  He quickly started up his own website The West Londoner with enviable traffic stats. A week long internship at meta-news outfit precipitated a paid writing commission. He had a short gig at Cicero a consultancy with a government and policy flavour. He handled social media and website maintenance for Cicero and then Lyonsdown adding technical strings to his bow. He then joined The Register as a sub editor responsible for keeping the publication legal, truthful and well presented.


Tonight Gareth will speak at the Two Chairmen in Westminster on the UK’s worsening problem of regulation on gun owners.


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