Thursday Speaker: Chris Mounsey

Chris is a well known and widely admired libertarian activist and on-off blogger. His infamous “Devil’s Kitchen” swear-blog used a dramatic persona to articulate the visceral anger which is felt by many toward the supremacy of the state, and which should, perhaps, be felt by many more.

Devil’s Kitchen was not, of course, Chris’ first venture into the dramatic. His father registered him for Eton College the day of his birth and he studied there from 1990 to 1995. He co-produced and acted in an independent production by the college’s drama society. He also admits to being somewhat distracted by the Edinburgh scene while studying “in a desultory fashion” Microbiology at that University. He was also the guy who did the flyers and posters for their dramatic society.

Like many, including this author, he switched career trajectory shortly before lift-off. He dropped out of his Microbiology degree to focus on his art. Combining his interest in poster-art and his former interest in metal scupture – developed at Eton – he found a job making “separations” for lithographic printing. An early indication of his eventual career course was that it was here, at the turn of the century, that he got his employer onto broadband and using email (most similar companies insisted on special ISDN lines and modems were used for this purpose, at that time. It was fashionable to print the ISDN number in Yellow pages ads!).

After 4 years at that job Chris did 2 years focused on Graphic design and then for nearly four years worked as a freelance website and all-round designer under the name Devils Kitchen Design.

Chris has been very involved in libertarian activism, helping to found and to even lead the troubled UK Libertarian party. With Chris Snowdon he broke open the story of “Fake Charities” – real legal institutions engaged wholly or partly in lobbying the Government while taking Government money – a strange sort of sock puppetry.

He has continued to act and – until 2012 – to blog but has recently focused on his career at independent technology company VerseOne, where he is now technical director. This is a role he has worked himself into since early 2008. The company produced CMS solutions for housing associations and other clients.

Chris participated in our Cost of Living Crisis event in October 2014 on his specialist subject of environmental regulation. Since last year Chris appears to have picked up his blogging again. He join us tonight to talk about how Fake Charities are influencing the debate on Brexit.

He will speak at the Two Chairmen in Westminster. Doors open there at 1830.

One Comment

  1. The fake charities are growing in numbers – once independent bodies (for example running parks that started many decades ago) now live by seeking government money from the local councils (borough and county), and national lottery funding, and …….

    This requires a different skill set from earning an independent living – by car boot sales and the other things the charity used to organise (by “little old men at boxes at the gate”). And it requires a different sort of person. The sort of person good at “networking” and the rest of the corruption of modern Britain.

    Form filling, box ticking, and crawling to officials and politicians (to get money that does not belong to those officials and politicians) – this is what modern life is.



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