Benevolent Laissez Faire Conference Schedule

Our “Benevolent Laissez-Faire” conference will be held on May 14th at De Morgan House, Russel Square. Tickets cost from £5 to £15 and are available on Meetup and Eventbrite:


12:30 – Conference Registration / Check-in

12:45 – Introduction by Simon Gibbs

13:00 – Poverty Solutions Without Politics – Syed Kamall

Syed Kamall is chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament and a stood against Zac Goldsmith for the Conservative mayoral nomination the recently concluded election. The overriding theme of his domestic political career is his interest in community and technical solutions to social problems – outside political institutions [Bio]

13:30 – DIY Governance – Janina Lowisz, BitNation and Julio Alejandro, Humanitarian Blockchain

This decade’s standout technological breakthrough is the blockchain – a consensus driven public ledger which allows arbitrary records to be kept on any topic. See how this amazing new technology permits the delivery of services normally associated with nation states and how it revolutionises the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

14:15 – Break

14:35 – Historical Precedents for Laissez Faire Welfare – Dr Anton Howes PhD (KCL)

What happened before the NHS? Before Job Centre Plus? If it was mere charity how did it scale to providing coverage to the majority of the population? Can we return to these precedents? Anton Howes has been recently award a doctorate in history for his analysis of the ideological changes that enabled Britain to enjoy the Industrial Revolution [Bio]

15:20 – Refreshments break (Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches provided)

15:55 – Capitalism and Inequality [Keynote] – Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute

Capitalism – the system of private property and free-markets – is the only ethical system and the only system which maximises individual flourishing. It is a just system in its entirety, including the unequal outcomes it permits. Dr Yaron Brook is a tireless advocate for Objectivism and the implementation of a laissez-faire economic system [Bio].

16:55 – Break and Book Signing – pre-order your copy of Equal is Unfair when you buy tickets via Eventbrite.

17:05 – Panel Discussion: Principled Incremental Transition – How do we get there from here?

Panellists will discuss how to arrive at a Laissez Faire economy, blending US and UK perspectives. We will discuss opportunities in revolutionary approaches, succession, counter-economics etc, and what can and should be done about the escalating furore over tax planning and avoidance.

18:00 – Networking (Drinks provided)



  1. Boy, I wish I could swim on over. I’d particularly like to hear Anton Howe’s talk, and the Q&A. (Well, all the Q&A’s, obviously.)

    It really sounds excellent, Simon. :>)



  2. Rob, if you provide us with LH’s Q&A’s, my heart will be yours forever, or at least for as long as I can clutch my computer. All hail, and may your Muse prove constant and true!





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