Tip Jar open

In the last few months Libertarian Home has been working hard to entertain, facilitate, educate and represent as many libertarians as possible. We held a conference, designed leaflets and shot videos. Some of this was funded by ticket sales but none of it has made a profit.

Without the ability to hire help, pay honoraria, and refund expenses we will always be less than we can be, and we’ll be vulnerable to the animal spirits.  You are helping support between 12 and 14 events per year, a website, regular content, a private online workspace, a public  Meetup and social media channels. The more that self-selected philanthropists contribute, the greater the number of people can attend free-of-cost.

Please consider helping out by committing to support our work regularly:

Platinum : £100.00 GBP – monthly
Gold : £50.00 GBP – monthly
Silver : £25.00 GBP – monthly
Bronze : £10.00 GBP – monthly

The money sent via the form above will be kept in a separate PayPal account under the name “Working Libertarians”. That’s what we are, and what we do. Please help us out.

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