Print your own Vote Out leaflet

We have concluded all the leaflet printing we are likely to do. There will be no more print runs. We printed 5000 copies – all fully paid for by Meetup attendees and the last of them are being distributed over the next few days on local roads. We were gratified that people wrote in asking to be sent bundles to give out, and we have now sent those.

If you have the money and time,  now you can get stuck in too!

Below you can find links to PDF files set up for professional printing. They are A4 with 5mm bleeds. To be printed two sided on glossy paper. We went for 135gsm. 

The “Front” with text and illustration was folded through the short centre away from the reader, but you could leave it unfolded.

The back can be unfolded by the recipient and used as a sign, or if you want a nice libertarian themed pro-Brexit sign you can just print that off. 

If printing at home I suggest turning off page scaling so your printer can wet the paper all the way to the edge. I also suggest using the best shiny paper you have to hand.

This project was Ayumi and Richard’s brainchild. They have dedicated a great deal of time to this effort and deserve a pat on the back. So if you use this work, we’d love to hear about it. We are @LibertarianHome on Twitter.



  1. You have done all you can.

    Many thanks to you.

    If most Leave activists had done as much as you have done – we would be certain of victory.



  2. […] front line. This comes via a brace of energetic libertarians and their allies who were giving out Libertarian Home branded leaflets today on Oxford Street. The office-worker demographic which was missing from our previous visit was […]



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