We are not giving up

In all honesty, the shooting of Jo Cox has had a big impact on us. Having sat on the fence for a while we decided to represent the clear majority of open-borders advocating pro-Brexit libertarians and commit our resources to Brexit. Then, one maniac took it upon himself to shoot a pro-Remain MP in the name of “freedom for Britain” – such were his contemptible words today.

We are gutted for Jo Cox’s children in particular. No words capture what they must be feeling right now. We are feeling anger, tension, sadness and fear… but this fuels us to fight even harder, but to fight with Love, it has to be Love.

This is a fight against power hungry liars, but lies are based on nothing, only truth exists. Only the truth has substance. That is why we can win, and why we are going to carry on trying.

If you are a registered with Libertarian Home then you will have received a set of simple instructions. Please follow them swiftly – with a warm heart and positive spirit.

Let’s make this happen.

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