Three Reasons to Brexit!

In this article I discuss the main argument of those who favour the UK to stay in the EU and give three reasons why the argument is not only nonsensical but that leaving the EU will actually be beneficial to the UK.

The ‘Stay in EU’ Argument

The main argument for those who support the political union of Europe is that we (namely, the countries in Europe) are stronger together as part of a single market, cooperating in all sorts of ways from trade to travel to military intervention. And the converse, these proponents claim, is also true; that is, that the UK will be weaker out of Europe as it will have to negotiate deals with the world alone and potentially use all the benefits that come with being part of this union. However, there are three main reasons why this argument does not make sense.


Reason 1 to Brexit: One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Firstly we must realise that with the so-called benefits of the world comes with its disadvantages. The main one being that if we don’t like a law and we don’t see it in our interest, we still have to go with what the EU dictates. As such, if you hadn’t already noticed, we are giving up our sovereignty and independence. We are losing our statehood! Moreover, in its pursuit of a one-size-fit-all policy, the European Union dictates one law to all its member states whereby some benefit and some don’t. It certainly is not a union where all members benefit.


Reason 2 to Brexit: Isolation in a Small and Fragile Union

Secondly, we must realise that the European Union comprises of 508 million people which is only 7% of the world population. It attempts to merge the EU into a single market but it also limits trade of its members with the outside world. So the trade which there is so much talk about in Europe is not only relatively minute but it’s also with the very small part of the world which isn’t showing much growth (in fact, with the PIGS and other worrying signs, quite the contrary).


Reason 3 to Brexit: UK Can Do Better Alone!

Thirdly, countries can negotiate agreements on their own. Even an economically weak and politically isolated Iran has had an increase in trade with its recent success in negotiations. The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world so the proposition that we somehow would be ignored by the world if we exit the EU is just absurd. The fact is that no matter how small a country is, the world will always trade with you because voluntary trade is in the interest of both parties. To give up one’s sovereignty and have others dictate laws to us so that we can be part of a one-size-fits-all policy which never fits all is just illogical. The UK can negotiate to keep trade (and any other issue for that matter) with EU and also trade with others outside the union how it sees best in its own interest.


Vote for Brexit!

The referendum is near and we have seen the state use £9 million taxpayer’s money to fear monger its subjects to stay in. Liberty, private property and democracy have declined so much in this country that majority of people cannot see the absurdity of a government spending their hard earned money to tell them how to vote! Let’s bring some of those aspects of freedom back by voting for a Brexit in the upcoming referendum.


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