Article 50 Protest to Welcome May

Often sound lefty-libertarians “Spiked” are organising a protest calling on Theresa May to invoke Article 50. Tom Slater, campaign convenor,said “Warm words, and assurances that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, won’t wash.”

My own view is that Article 50 need not be triggered especially quickly, as long as it is triggered – but it may be helpful to keep the pressure up.

For those of you needing a more nuanced way to express your opinion, I have rustled up a printable poster – I may not be able to get there but this is simple graphic design.

The protest is at 6pm – when Cameron indicated that May is due to have been installed – outside her new home in Downing Street.



While trade and free movement are obviously topical, I added the other two just for May.

South Park fans might also be interested in making use of this:



Click for the full size versions.


  1. Now that the leadership election is over there is no excuse not to invoke Article 50 – it should be done at once.



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