Stand off with alleged free man of the land

Police are continuing an armed standoff with a gunman in the Surrey village of Smallfield. The Guardian adds:

A business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Surrey Mirror he believed the incident began as a drugs raid. He said: “I’ve heard rumours that it started off as a drug raid and I believe that the chap in there has got a gun and he was saying, ‘I’m a free man of the land’.”

The Freemen of the Land idea has previously been described  – under a disclaimer – as “grassroots libertarianism in action” by John Kersey on the Libertarian Alliance website but remains unpopular within the movement.


  1. Link 3 on the described website is to the David Icke forum.

    ‘No further questions, M’Lud’ springs to mind, but there is a point lurking about the Common Law, what makes it ‘common’, and is having a ‘common law’ (even if reciprocated by mutual recognition and resolution of differences as to law (not fact) a prerequisite for a free society.

    Or, put simply ‘Can one who does not accept the Common Law on principle co-exist with others in a Common Law jurisdiction?’.



  2. Yes Mr Ed – this is the “Libertarian Alliance” leading libertarians into the hands of nutters (such as David Icke) – yet again.

    I used to think this was an accident (that they associated with nutters – because they did not know they were nutters) and wasted a lot of life talking with L.A. types, trying to explain things that should be obvious (for example that Kevin Carson is anti, not pro, the things that libertarians should hold dear – that he is pro looting, and thinks that the industrialists of the industrial revolution, Josiah Wedgwood and so on, were bad when they were actually good).

    I now think they do it on purpose – that Sean and co get a kick out of associating with nutters and leading other people down this magic rabbit hole. Although I am bit surprised it is John Kersey – it was normally Sean Gabb who tried to lead the young into the hands of the crazies.



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