Guardian dissing minimum wage?

The Guardian writes

The introduction of the national living wage was already causing fruit and vegetable producers, who do not receive EU subsidies, to move to lower cost countries, 

I do not need to check the Guardian’s position on the minimum wage. It is for it. In fact Polly Toynbee once went so far as to suggest a good argument for minimum wage was to deal with problems associated with immigration. 

Why then is the Guardian letting this negative opinion, attributed to salad grower Chris Mack, through it’s net? Because the rest of the article is Brexit scaremongering:

Mack said: “If there is a further issue around the availability of labour, moving your fields overseas will be almost be the only option.”

This is, of course, as powerful an argument for abolishing the minimum wage as it is for cancelling Brexit.  The silly Guardian have apparently missed Ashcroft polling making immigration the top Brexit issue for a tiny 17% of the population. Cheap salad is exactly the kind of issue likely to be on the mind of the 7% who ranked it last.

If you want some more reasons to abolish the minimum wage Sam Bowman brought  a whole collection with him in one of our videos.

One Comment

  1. I can never be quite sure if the Left believe their own nonsense (in spite of all the evidence and of course I include the corpses) or if they say ‘I will do X in spite of all possible consequences’ or ‘ I will do X because of all possible consequences’. However, what is clear is that for the Left the facts, the consequences and the rational conclusions arising must not get in the way. On balance, they would prefer mass death and starvation if they were not in power, so that they could impose the same on their own terms, as in the Ukraine in the mid-1930s.

    It is odd that this slipped through.



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