Independent misrepresents complex picture, empowering hatred


Articles such as “Tory Leave campaigner denies Brexit caused hate crime” perpetuate a negative stereotype of Leave voters which misses essential complexity and let’s down the vulnerable minorities your paper rightly defends.

For example, the libertarians I represent were split over EU membership. Despite the wide-spread harm of immigration controls a majority, uncomfortable under the supremacy of the EU, voted Leave. Others, for whom racism and intolerance weighed heavily, voted Remain – despite similar concerns with the EU. Ashcroft data shows the open-borders Leave bloc may have contributed the margin of victory.

The situation in the Remain camp was similarly complex: 20% of Remain voters thought “ill” of immigration, according to Ashcroft poll data.

Looking at the motivations of all voters (using the referendum result and Ashcroft polls) just 17% voted primarily on immigration. Your article implies 52% harbour secret hatred of immigrants. By painting that picture, you triple the relevant number and create a hostile intent where there is none. This misrepresentation creates an empowering atmosphere for the miniscule minority of criminals you criticise.

Simon Gibbs
Libertarian Home
Address provided

One Comment

  1. The E.U. is an extra layer of government – which seeks to control every aspect of life.

    And the far left “Independent” and “Guardian” are in favour of the E.U.



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