Speaker Profile Gintas Vilkelis 

Dr Gintas Vilkelis has had an interesting career spanning physics, silicon design, psychology and politics. He now sits on the research council of Parliament Street, a think tank affiliated to the Conservative  Party which enjoys a similar online profile to Libertarian Home. He was also on the Board of Advisors of Young Britons for Liberty.

I struggled to think what might be added to his detailed and thought provoking profile from Parliament Street:

Dr. Gintas Vilkelis was born in Lithuania. In 1987, at age 18, he was named one of the top five Physics students in the Soviet Union, and selected as a member of the Soviet team at the International Physics Olympiad. In 1989, he was the first Soviet undergraduate student to be invited by an American university to study with a full scholarship.

In the mid-1990’s – mid 2000’s Dr Vilkelis was the top expert in the world on Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology and its application within PET and CT scanners, medical and industrial X-ray imagers, as well as Nuclear and High Energy Physics experiments. He has a number of SDD and High-Z detector patents under his name.
During his 20 years career in Physics, Dr. Vilkelis has developed a reputation for being able to find workable solutions to problems that other people considered to be unsolvable. He created devices that even his colleagues had considered impossible, started several R&D trends in the semiconductor radiation detector industry and even managed to cause changes in the laws of two countries.

I strongly recommend you read the whole thing.

Gintas will introduce his Localism agenda to the Libertarian Home Meetup at the Two Chairmen, on Wednesday 1st March.



Image via Young Britons for Liberty (East Anglia)

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