Identity Politics New And Old

As Jordan Lee pointed out a few weeks ago, one of the many unfortunate side effects of Donald Trump’s successful bid for the Republican nomination has been the rise of identity politics on the right, so called alt-right movement. From neo-Nazis to people who merely want to express “pride” in their race (a sentiment the socially acceptable expression of which is currently granted only to racial and ethnic minorities), these people, who share every fundamental moral view with feminists and Black Lives Matter thugs, have come out of the closet recently, in many cases to show their opposition, ironically, to their aforementioned ideological brethren. This is the “right wing” version of “identity politics”.

But what exactly is identity politics? Specifically, what “identity” are they so proud of? This is where it gets really scary.

Feminists believe that for their “achievement” of having been born with a vagina, they should be rewarded with special privileges at the expense of those who lost out in the genitalia roulette. The Black Lives Matter movement, many of whose activists are anything but peaceful, is as explicitly racist as any white supremacist group, and demands that government grant special privileges for people who look like those who were oppressed in the past, at the expense of people who look like those who were oppressors in the past.

These two vile movements can be easily discredited, and their arguments (when they’re kind enough to present arguments) thoroughly dismantled, using logic. They use specifically those characteristics with which they were born, and which they can never change, as a blank check justifying any action they choose to take. But if you’re not a fan of logic, you can always oppose them by doing exactly the same thing, and only changing a few words (resulting in ideologies and tag lines such as Meninism and White Lives Matter…).

This is what the alt-right is: an ideological mirror image of the left, differing from them only in their gender and racial “identity”.
When Milo Yianopolous, the alt-right’s unofficial and incongruous leader, participated in a White House press briefing, he asked what the administration intends to do to “encourage” Twitter and Facebook to apply First Amendment principles to their business model. It took Barack Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest to explain to Milo that the government has no business intervening in the policies of specific businesses, basically educating him on what free speech and the free market are.

In essence, the alt-right is only right wing under the left’s definition of what right wing is, namely: racist. Beyond their racism, they are socialist / mercantilist / protectionist, against free-speech (despite their opposition to hate speech laws, presumably because these laws don’t currently favour them) and pro-Russia. They consider causing offence an end in itself, a feat achievable nowadays with statements as benign as “there are only two genders”.

The worst aspect of this hopefully short-lived movement is the fact that it has managed to position itself as the apparent alternative to feminists and anti-white racists. When they go away, social justice warriors will feel emboldened by their “victory”, and even more justified in their anti-reality and anti-life views.


  1. The Alt Right’s response to charges from the left that the non left is racist, sexist …… (and so on), is to be racist, sexist….. (and so on).

    It is difficult to over stress how wrong headed the “Alt Right” are – they play into the hands of the left.

    Their “alternative” to the Red Flag of Marxism is the Black Flag of Fascism and National Socialism – their answer to collectivism (specifically Frankfurt School of Marxism “Identity Politics) is collectivism – as you say, their own version of Identity Politics.



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