We must debate the content of extremist Islam


Theresa May correctly condemns an evil ideology behind terror attacks. These ideas must be identified, separated, criticised and debunked in academia, media, offices, pubs and in the street.

Speaking out is our least destructive weapon. But once understood, mocked, and condemned then evil can be defeated. People of every color and creed must debate the content of extremist Islam, and do so openly and vigorously.

Yet we deny the use of our entire literary arsenal to decent law abiding people. The web of laws suppressing frank criticism of Islam must be repealed.


Simon Gibbs, Libertarian Home
Devika Gibbs, Libertarian Home
Priya Dutta, Libertarian Home
Jordan Lee, Libertarian Home
Tamiris Loureiro Rendall, Libertarian Home
Nico Metten, Libertarian Home
Ayumi Woodman, Libertarian Home
Perry de Havilland, Samizdata.net
Peter Merrington, UKIP
Mark Bannister
David Buckingham
Sebastian Chodakowski
Patricia Colomer
Iain Cresswell
David Fletcher
Steve Kerby
Julie Krauss
Gary Richards
Vivian Hugh Russell Waine
Adrian Stefanczyk
Daniel Thomas
Dr. Danny Weston
Emma Wilde
Adam Williamson



Associated image by Dun.can. Modified for tone.


      1. Simon, in this case I won some. To wit, your “Related Items” list suggests the LH piece “The Politics of Jeff Bezos.” Looked to me like an interesting excursion; so out I coursed, if you see what I mean. There, the “Related Items” list contained a piece by Richard Carey, “Libertarianism: What I Think It Is”:


        This piece is extraordinarily clear in both its thinking and its expression, and well worth the time it took to get from reading your posting above to Mr. Carey’s.

        I agree with almost all of the piece. That is why I once wrote, somewhere, that libertarianism is an applied philosophy in search of a foundation, or words to that effect. I meant the ongoing discussion among libertarians as to what, if any, is the moral basis in philosophy of libertarianism. [Side note: Miss Rand insisted over and over that the foundation of Objectivist political philosophy has to be built on a proper (rational, coherent, reality-based) moral philosophy.]

        But that’s not all. In the excellent comment stream, Mr. Carey links to Ernst Benn’s 1929 book The Return to Laissez Faire, which deals, among other things, with the origin of the term “individualism.” I have now downloaded the book, from


        So thanks to you for the posting above that started this browsing in the Cyberstacks, and to Richard Carey for his excellent essay and Mr. Benn’s book’s current residence on my machine. :>))


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