Help Wanted / Journalistic Internship

Working Libertarians is the organisation that runs and the Libertarian Home Meetup – globally the ninth largest group for libertarians. We are looking for a passionate advocate of libertarianism (or one of it’s flavors, broadly defined) to manage and write up a short research project. The output will be a piece of quantitative journalism for delivery before September on a issue of national importance.

You will have the opportunity to investigate the details of a deeply serious issue, locate data, solicit technical / engineering expertise, reassure stakeholders, produce visualizations, and write compelling articles and reports.You will be determined to produce journalism of genuine value despite complexities and set backs. You will be both empathetic, unrelentingly rational, and honest in dealing with the data.

You will test the libertarian expectation that, due to incentives, cultural norms in profit seeking enterprises lead to better outcomes compared to cultural norms in state enterprises. Your work will either falsify our expectations, leading to the refinement of our thinking, or (we expect) you will provide compelling evidence of their truth, and their relevance to the most vulnerable people in society.

You will be paid modestly and will receive a fixed expenses payment, subject to negotiation.

Please email your CV to

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