The Alexander Adamescu case at Frontline Club

The following text was received by email late yesterday evening from Brian Micklethwait.

Below is the invite I received, which I now pass on to you, to a public meeting which  will be happening Wednesday 24th January. I very much hope that you will at least consider attending this event, despite the short notice.  At the very least, I hope that you will find this issue to be of interest and importance.  The more support that we can all give to this cause, the better.

If you are intending to come to this meeting, do please email Brian Micklethwait.


Dear Brian,

Given your previous interest in the Alexander Adamescu case and the speaker event that was hosted at London’s Frontline Club back in June 2016, I am writing to invite you to an update at the Frontline Club tomorrow on Wednesday 24 January. Sorry for such horrendously short notice.

As you may know, the Adamescu case poses huge questions for UK extradition, security and human rights (see this piece by Roger Boyes in The Times

Following the grisly death in custody of Alexander’s father, Dan, this time last year, we are now dealing with the consequences of what the former Romanian President has called ‘state murder’ (

Romania’s Magnitsky Case: 

The State Murder of Dan Adamescu – One Year On

A panel discussion chaired by Phil Collins

Leader Writer, The Times and Chair of Trustees, DEMOS


Speakers: Alexander and Adriana Adamescu

Emily Barley, Chair, Conservatives for Liberty

Catalin Breazu, Romanian Lawyer & Legal Expert

Wednesday 24 January 2018 

Speeches, Q&A and Drinks and Canapes Reception 6:30pm to 8pm


Frontline Club 

13 Norfolk Place 

London, W2 1QJ

(nearest tube stations: Paddington and Edgware Road)

In January 2017, Romania’s pioneering businessman and media owner, Dan Adamescu, died from sepsis under prison guard in hospital. His untimely death in custody prompted an international outcry, not least from Romania’s former President Traian Băsescu who declared that Adamescu had been killed “by the contempt for life of judges and prosecutors”.

His tragic passing prompted awkward questions from commentators around the world. Why was an already seriously ill man thrown into Romania’s notoriously medieval prison system and made to endure weeks without access to vital medication? How was he convicted on the basis of a single witness’s uncorroborated testimony? Why has nearly every What is behind Romania’s historic decision to continue prosecuting him 9 months after his death?

One year on from the murder of one of Romania’s most prominent newspaper owners, we ask what Dan Adamescu’s death really means for the European Union and even a UK heading for Brexit?

Featuring a discussion with Dan’s son, Alexander Adamescu; his daughter-in-law and journalist, Adriana; Chair of Conservatives for Liberty and family friend, Emily Barley; and the Romanian lawyer who defended him, Catalin Breazu, we very much hope you will be able to join us for this illuminating event and update.


  1. Simon
    Thanks very much for doing this. Whether it will get anyone else coming to the meeting at such short notice, I do not know. Obviously I hope so.
    But what I think this illustrates is that the impact of a meeting goes beyond the meeting, to all those who even hear about the meeting, and read all the links it contains, and who learn about the issue.



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