Does the Future Belong to SJWs?

On the recommendation of a friend, I have been reading The Descent of Man by the artist, sculptor and transvestite Grayson Perry. My friend said to me “if you want to understand modern feminism read this book.”

The book is a mess of internal contradictions. For example, in one chapter, Perry talks about how forced gender roles are terrible. But in the very next chapter, he is explaining how ‘female’ characteristics are inherently positive.

However, there are some interesting points that Perry brings up in his book. There is a theme running right through Grayson Perry’s logic that ‘the future will be a more feminised society.’ In fact, this mantra underpins most of the points that he makes throughout the book. If I had to sum up The Descent of man in a sentence I would say “The era of the strong male figure is disappearing fast, men need to adapt or suffer a lifetime of depression and wasted opportunity.”

Since the late nineteenth century, the challenge for the big ideologies has been to promote their vision of ‘the future’.  Fascism, communism, nationalism and social democracy are all horrific political ideologies. However, they all promised that their ideology alone was the key to unlocking a prosperous future. The communists of the nineteenth century guaranteed a more egalitarian society built on scientific principles. Similarly, the USSR went to extreme lengths to show the world that communism was just as capable of providing new and cutting-edge innovations just like the capitalist west. The Space Race being the most notable example of this.

The modern ‘social justice’ movement is no different. They vow that their vision of the world is the only one that is capable of taking the next step on our journey of human progress.

The nature of modernity is flux and change. Most of the monster ideologues of our recent history have sought to hinder and slow down the maelstrom of the modern world. The social justice oath to equality is just another attempt to pull the brakes on human ingenuity and endeavour.

Imitating the big ideologies of the twentieth century, the social justice movement promises that it alone holds the keys to the future. Yet, just like communism, fascism and nationalism the chronic flux of modernity will be their undoing.

To Mr Perry’s credit, I would not lump him in with the SJW crowd. He raises many important points that I will address in later articles.Yet, there is something oddly familiar about the way he addresses the future. I am really just using this book as a jumping off point… 


  1. Jordan,
    The future does, indeed, belong to the SJWs, but only because those of us who resist and reject the creeping authoritarianism in western societies are not shouting it loudly enough, with enough conviction and without the fear of being labelled Nazis and fascists. If ever there was a philosophy diametrically opposed to fascism, then it is libertarianism, but try telling that to a feminazi or a member of Momentum. We need to cut through the hysterical wailing of Third Wave Feminism, challenge the touchy-feely feminisation of society of people like Grayson Perry (no matter how well-meaning) and state what limits upon our freedom are acceptable and what are not.

    It is only by drawing our lines in the sand – and defending those lines – that we can be sure of maintaining a free society for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Anything less is a dereliction of our duty as citizens.

    I, for one, do not intend to allow the snuffing out of the liberty that we have spent eight centuries building to happen on my watch.



  2. The Social Justice Warriors can not be the long term future because their ideas do not work – their ideas being (when one probes hard enough) just Frankfurt School Marxism and French Post Modernism (itself disguised Marxism – obsessed with “power structures”, “exploitation” and “oppression” and denying objective universal truth and logical reason). And Marxism, either in its classical form or its mutant Frankfurt School form, does not work.

    However, the Social Justice Warriors may be the short term future – destroying the “Capitalist West” they so hate and despise. But what then will rule as their own system (Marxism in various forms) does-not-work. Most likely the SJWs, if they win, will pave the way for Islamic rule (in the ruins of what was once the West). Which would be ironic considering how the SJWs rant on about “feminism” and “Gay rights”.



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