The Maduro Regime is going very well, thanks!

It has been well over a year since I wrote a couple of articles for this blog talking about Venezuela, which you can find here and here. Today, I come back, to once again, cast our attention on our fellow men, perishing, being abused and starving to death under Nicolas Maduro.

It will never cease to infuriate me how blasé the world has been towards Venezuela’s struggle. Seems to me very counter intuitive that no other country in the world is considering action, taking into consideration the country’s oil reserves and  previous interference in the Middle East, allegedly for the very same reason.  Well, you see, I am a Libertarian at core and against intervention of other states in general. Venezuela however is making me actually wish for something to be done. Where are the humanitarian charities ? The level of suffering, clear revocation of rights to life, speech, movement are topped with actual infliction of torture and death, directly by the authoritarian Bolivarian state,  surely are to be compared with atrocities dignified with more assertive responses.

Recent reports only help raising more questions, and eyebrows, as a staggering 87% of Venezuelans are reportedly now under the poverty stats. When it comes to food, 6 out of 10 lost an average of 11 pounds of body mass in 2017, not for fitness purposes (don’t go getting any ideas, NHS, Corbyn) and 9 out of 10 are unable to afford daily food.

Venezuelans have been fleeing for refuge in bordering countries, with a reported 40,000 seeking refuge in Brazil alone in the last few months, triggering talks of declaring a “state of social emergency” in the latter country. The numbers are even more dramatic when it comes to immigration to Colombia, as over half a million Venezuelans have now migrated into the neighboring country. Colombia has passed tighter border control, which only spiked the number Venezuelan immigrants trying to beat the upcoming rules. The government creates “solutions”, humans go around it, or in this case, across it. Ian Bremmer, from the Eurasia Group, has labelled this, the world’s “least-talked-about” immigration crisis”.

With Inflation set to hit a 13,000% in 2018 according to the International Monetary Fund, despite Maduro’s attempt to enter the Cryptocurrency world with the Venezuelan Petro. The expected desperation of the affected population leads us to question again and again how can anyone ignore on the next Venezuelan’s Elections. In April, only one man will be running for the Presidency. Yes, you might have guessed it, and rightly so, Nicolas Maduro. No other person in the whole country will stand against the dictator’s candidacy, not even as a cover up.

It is in times like this, that I question our resolve to do anything for freedom, for life.



Featured image © Joka Madruga


  1. I remember several years ago a lecturer of mine at university used to get very enthusiastic about Latin America. She would say that South and Central America are on the Brink of a socialist revolution. The ‘pink tide’ she used to call it. Well, what happened to the pink tide?

    In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff was impeached in a humiliating scandal.

    The Bolivian president Evo Morales has seen his economy shrink.

    Cuba is still in the doldrums

    And Venezuela?

    As you correctly point out in your article Hugo Chavez’ Bolivarian Revolution has failed spectacularyly. For almost an entire century South American countries have alternated between authoritarian capitalist regimes and failed socialist revolutions. It must be deeply painful being a Venezuelan at the moment. But perhaps it is necessary to snap the dream of ‘Socialism Del Siglo XXI’ out of peoples minds.



    1. And yet the academics learn nothing Sir.

      They still teach Interventionism and Social Justice in almost every university in the world. In Latin America I know of only one university (in Guatemala) that opposes these doctrines.



  2. Tamiris Loureiro.

    As you know both the Marxist and interventionist academics and even the priests, still tend to teach that doctrines that lead to Venezuela. It is unfortunate – very unfortunate.



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