Dose of Liberty Episode 5

In this very special episode of Dose of Liberty, we present a freedom of speech special. We are also live from the Two Chairmen pub at the latest Libertarian Home meetup. Finally, we are joined in our discussion by libertarian extraordinaire  Mr Brian Mickletwait. We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we enjoyed recording it!




  1. Freedom of Speech is indeed being undermined – both by the violent mobs of the left, and by the laws of such countries as the United Kingdom.

    If the standard for speech (or writing) is not showing “hate” and “offending people” then Freedom of Speech is DEAD.

    And Brian is correct – the left thinks that ideas (expressed words) matter, and they are correct to thing that ideas matter.

    And the modern Frankfurt School left may be different in some ways – but the core is THE SAME, the core being the doctrine of “oppression” and “exploitation” the fallacy that wealth causes poverty.

    As for Islam – sadly Muhammed taught what he taught and did what he did. And that undermines the logical basis of “moderate Islam”.



  2. No – the 1st Amendment does apply (not does not apply) to the States, that was made clear by the 14th Amendment (part of the thinking of the 14th Amendment was memory of censorship of anti slavery books and newspapers in the South before the Civil War – Rothbardian idiots please note).

    And, by the way, the words of the 1st Amendment are also to be found in the Constitutions of almost all of the 50 States.

    Censorship must certainly did exist in some States – but it was unconstitutional (at least from the 14th Amendment).



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