Principled Brexit resignations from libertarian leaning MPs

Ministers are resigning rather than back Theresa May’s softest-possible-Brexit plan.

So far:

  • David Davis
  • Boris Johnson
  • Steve Baker

David Davis spoke at the launch of Big Brother Watch. Steve Baker addressed liberty league and did much better than others might have done, and Boris is Boris. I think they have all been described as libertarian at some point.



  1. Hadn’t heard of Steve Baker, but he seems like a good libertarian egg. I’ve always been an admirer of the council house Tory David Davis, believing him to be the most principled man in politics. And Boris is, as you say, Boris.

    It’s turmoil, but maybe, sometimes turmoil is necessary. Brexit was turmoil. Trump was turmoil. UKIP may be on the skids, but then they have just recruited four prominent (and young) libertarian(ish) YouTubers and personalities, because of their libertarian policies. Together they have millions of subscribers on their channels.

    If people were bold enough, I see an opportunity for some beneficial cross-pollination.



  2. I wish Boris hadn’t taken the role in the first place. He has ruined his reputation and now that everything is crumbling, most people will turn to Labour for leadership.



  3. Mrs May has revealed herself to be a liar – breaking her word to deliver British independence from the European Union.

    It is not enough to resign – supporters of freedom, such as Steve Baker, must work to remove Mrs May. Being shocked and saddened at her deceptions is no good on its own – there must be real work to remove this person from office.



  4. I am not so sure Boris is that Libertarian, I’m thinking Garden Bridge and Boris Bikes as particularly hard to justify. He should have gone over Heathrow really, which was a cowardly affair. Fair play to Davis though, it seems like he was never given the requisite authority needed to carry out his role effectively in the first place.

    As to your mention of the youtubers Steve, I have found Carl Benjamin in particular speaks very well, but then occasionally says, well, very unsavoury things. While he has every right to, it does occasionally feel like he sometimes says them just to show he has the right to if you catch my drift, and not in a particularly endearing way.



      1. Have you seen or heard much about these other two? I haven’t had much of a chance myself yet. I suppose even if they don’t have the most pleasant personalities they are certainly having some success drawing attention to the debate – I have seen Benjamin self-describe as a ‘classic liberal’ a couple of times which is a rarity.


  5. Many year’s ago, I adopted Steve Baker as my bog mascot—he has never given me cause to regret doing so…




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