Contribute an article

Libertarian Home is growing. This is happening organically as people step forward with work they want to share and also because I have a target to bring on board 14 trusted good quality writers. Anything of interest to the broad church of libertarians (even criticisms of it) are welcome, but articles about strategy and policy are most welcome.

This expansion will happen through two main channels:

  • in person – through contacts made at events, especially at the monthly meet up in Southwark
  • on line – through the weaker but more varied connections possible through social media

Today I’d like to take a step towards formalising the online process, so that people can judge for themselves whether it is for them. The broad outline of this process is now well understood so I might as well write it down:

  • draft your first article offline and submit that via email or the form below. You can also submit an article that’s already online and I can cross post it. Just email me introducing yourself and enclose the text or link. The personal data will be used to set up a user account for you.
  • review stage – I will take a quick look at the article and correct any obvious spelling or grammar issues. I also filter articles for tone, as we don’t need more wild-eyed rants on the Internet; but this is a very soft touch process. I do allow swearing, but in the past have edited out repeated swearing or unnecessary swearing in opening paragraphs. I don’t like to edit at all, but feel it necessary to set the expectation that it can occur, and also I want people to see it as an opportunity to dump some of the tidying up work onto me.
  • upgrade – if I like your work your account will be upgraded to Contributor status. You will be able to submit articles to the “pending queue” where they will be reviewed as above. Articles can depreciate with time so you will need to back up your submission with an email, twitter DM or SMS. For clarity, articles marked “draft” will not be considered.
  • taking off the training wheels – once I am happy that you have learnt the ropes your account may be upgraded again to “author” giving you a spot in the homepage and the ability to skip moderation (if you choose to). There is no objective standard for this, but it should be taken to mean you are well liked, trusted and produce great work.

All contributions are unpaid. I don’t like that, but there is no money to pay people and no technical process for doing it. Also, I am concerned about tax issues and cannot afford a lawyer. I would like to set the expectation that once the site is profitable (which is at about the point where traffic has increased by ten times) I will find a way to share something to some contributors, but this is not a promise.

Regardless I hope that many readers sign up to become contributors and that they enjoy the process of blogging as much as I do.