Election Night Special

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that, thanks to a secret army of minions, Libertarian Home on May 7th will come from the venue of an all night gathering in West Brompton. This is a third party commercial event, of which we will be a substantial part.

If you want the usual Libertarian Home meetup and are prepared to migrate northwards to get it then it can be got, free of charge, on Meetup.com.

The “all night” bit starts at 10pm and goes until 6am. You’ll be able to discuss the finer points of who might rule over us and what the relative merits will be, while imbibing in copious volume*

For that, you must pay £15 and you should buy a ticket, also via Meetup.com.

In the meantime, the last of the Liberty League tie ins is tonight at the Two Chairmen.


* in a responsible and accountable manner, please.