I’m Voting Labour Because I’m Not a Monster!!!

Within a mile radius of where I live in South East London, there are a number of home windows still showcasing Labour posters from the general election four months ago, while political stickers can be seen on many telephone poles and such like. Among all of them, I have found no political message to the right of Labour. Here’s what I saw.

1)… I’m voting Labour because I’m not a monster!!!

In another words, “everybody who doesn’t agree with my political views is not human.” What confuses me is why anyone would advertise such a malicious message on their living room window. They must think of themselves righteous for doing so, otherwise why would they? Dehumanizing people paves the way for violence.

2) Stand up to racism.

This gives the impression that racism in London is a HUGE issue. Really? Where else in the world do you see people of all races working together peacefully? Sure, it was an issue with first – second generation Asians in England, but what about now?

3) Kick racism out of racists.
I’m glad someone’s scratched this one. I saw another sticker that said “Fight Racism By Any Means Necessary”. What are they angry about -in London? If they really cared about racism, why not sound the alarm on what’s going on in Burma against the Rohingya, Turkey against the Kurds, Bahrain against the Africans, the Arab states against the Jews, even Japan against the Koreans, the list goes on and on (sadly), but London? Really? In any case, this kind of street violence seen in this picture is sickening.

4) London is Anti-fascist.Alright, so violence is ‘cool’?

5) Smash Sexism, Smash the System.

Smash _fill in the blank, choose your enemy_, Smash the System. …Violent, violent, violent.

6) Labour history is migrant history: Stand with migrant workers.

I highly doubt that Labour voting unions in the 60s and 70s would agree with this.

7) Join the Rent Strike!

Ironic how socialist ‘workers’ like to strike while capitalists like to work.

That’s it. Thanks for joining me on this eye popping little tour of my neighbourhood.

Why Islam Haters are a Problem

So this time, London is the European city in the news with a terrorist attack. Once again, a lone nutter, acting on his own by using very simple means, has caused a nasty blood bath. From what we know so far, the attacker claims to have acted in the name of Islam. ISIS, in their usual desperate attempt to be seen as the most cruel game in town, has already claimed responsibility for the massacre. It is however highly questionable that links between the attacker and the psychopathic proto-state in the middle east really do exist.

So far, none of the self proclaimed Islamic terrorists in Europe in the last few years could be shown to have lived a virtuous Muslim life. The vast majority lived as ordinary criminals until they discovered Islamic terrorism. This makes their Islamic motivation look questionable. And yet they are claiming to have acted in the holy name of Islam. Needless to say that the vast majority of Muslims strongly disagrees with their assessment. But surprisingly, these holy nutters get support from an unexpected group of people.

Hardcore Islam haters are a diverse coalition, ranging from fundamentalist atheists to white supremacist nationalists. These people take every opportunity to point out that it is ISIS who gets Islam right, and that all moderate Muslims are mistaken. I have never been fully able to figure out what drives these Islamophobes. I suspect, their motivations are diverse. Some are certainly driven by a strange desire to hate. Others seem to be truth fundamentalists, who believe the truth has to have priority over everything else. They therefore find it difficult to tolerate moderate, but inconsistent ideologies.

Nevertheless, whatever motivates them, they are a problem. They are a problem, not because they are necessarily completely wrong, but because they only get it half right. I am the first to agree that fundamentalist Islam is a nasty ideology. I would even go further than that. Every fundamentalist ideology, which claims to a have knowledge of the one and only objective truth is potentially very dangerous. That is because most people have the assumption that truth matters. From there it is only a small step to assume that not only does truth matter, it also should have priority over everything else. Once that conclusion is reached, and someone thinks he knows exactly what the truth is, it is only a small step to approve of violence in the name of that truth.

Islamists certainly follow this logic to the end, which is why they are dangerous. Where most Islam haters, particularly the ones that are most vocal about it, get it completely wrong however is that they assume you can kill a religion like Islam all together. Some even seem to think that you can defeat it with weapons. This is a terrible, and very dangerous mistake.

Religions like Islam cannot be abolished with the sword. In fact it is likely that they cannot be abolished full stop. Especially European history shows that trying to fight religions with physical force is a disastrous strategy. The best warning example of pursuing such a strategy is the thirty year war from 1618 to 1648, in which Protestants and Catholics fought over who had the correct faith. This war never saw a winner. It only ended because so many people had been killed that there were not many left to fight. An absolutely disastrous outcome.

Radical ideologies only get stronger in physical fights. That is because once human lives have been sacrificed for the truth, it becomes even harder to abandon it, as that means to acknowledge that all the sacrifices were for nothing. Another terrible effect of this strategy is that critiques are silenced. Most people will demand that you pick sides. Either you are with us or you are with them. Therefore, criticism becomes treason.

A much more fruitful approach to tame the dangers of religion was adopted after the 30 year war. It was simply agreed that there should be some tolerance towards other faiths. This allowed room for moderate positions to be hearer. It is precisely this support for moderate positions that in the end tamed Christianity. And no matter what people say, any Religion is up for interpretation, including Islam. It does not matter what the Quran or Bible says. Everything can be interpreted to mean something else. And we can indeed find a lot of interpretation of holy texts in every religion. Islam is no exception. A lot of moderate interpretations of the Quran already exist.

As a result of this strategy, Christianity in Europe has shrunk down to a fairly harmless and small fellowship. If it was not for recent immigrants from places like Africa, the numbers of true believers in a country like the UK would hardly be more than the numbers of a small cult. That is how it is done.

The Islam haters however are boycotting this strategy. They insist that Islam as a whole cannot be moderate and must therefore be fought all together. By doing that, they effectively become useful idiots for groups like ISIS and al Qaida who preach the exact same interpretation of Islam. And they sure appreciate the immense support they are getting from the Islamophobes. That is why Islam haters are part of the problem.

Don’t forget to vote?

So… there is some sort of election on today. If I manage to lever myself out of bed in time I might even make it the 400 yards necessary to cast my ballot. I can’t help but be appalled at my own complete lack of interest in this particular poll.

So, who to vote for? I had considered a spoilt ballot, reasoning that voting “will only encourage them” but in the medium term life under Boris is preferable life under Ken, and the last poll I remember indicated a close race. though I expect that Perry de Havilland would disagree, and that it is better a overt statist gets the blame for the statism.

There is also the question of UKIP. They are constitutionally libertarian, though it doesn’t show. In fact it really really doesn’t show. Not even a little. I think though, that I will vote first preference UKIP second preference Boris and spoil every other ballot (unless there is a UKIPper). It just seems churlish for a libertarian not to reward a party that is (in the worst interpretation) at least pretending to be libertarian.

Still, I’m not expecting anything to change, or even a change in direction, until UKIP are the second party being attacked by a libertarian party in third or fourth and I think that is a long way off.