I’m Voting Labour Because I’m Not a Monster!!!

Within a mile radius of where I live in South East London, there are a number of home windows still showcasing Labour posters from the general election four months ago, while political stickers can be seen on many telephone poles and such like. Among all of them, I have found no political message to the right of Labour. Here’s what I saw.

1)… I’m voting Labour because I’m not a monster!!!

In another words, “everybody who doesn’t agree with my political views is not human.” What confuses me is why anyone would advertise such a malicious message on their living room window. They must think of themselves righteous for doing so, otherwise why would they? Dehumanizing people paves the way for violence.

2) Stand up to racism.

This gives the impression that racism in London is a HUGE issue. Really? Where else in the world do you see people of all races working together peacefully? Sure, it was an issue with first – second generation Asians in England, but what about now?

3) Kick racism out of racists.
I’m glad someone’s scratched this one. I saw another sticker that said “Fight Racism By Any Means Necessary”. What are they angry about -in London? If they really cared about racism, why not sound the alarm on what’s going on in Burma against the Rohingya, Turkey against the Kurds, Bahrain against the Africans, the Arab states against the Jews, even Japan against the Koreans, the list goes on and on (sadly), but London? Really? In any case, this kind of street violence seen in this picture is sickening.

4) London is Anti-fascist.Alright, so violence is ‘cool’?

5) Smash Sexism, Smash the System.

Smash _fill in the blank, choose your enemy_, Smash the System. …Violent, violent, violent.

6) Labour history is migrant history: Stand with migrant workers.

I highly doubt that Labour voting unions in the 60s and 70s would agree with this.

7) Join the Rent Strike!

Ironic how socialist ‘workers’ like to strike while capitalists like to work.

That’s it. Thanks for joining me on this eye popping little tour of my neighbourhood.

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