Alex meets a Princess

Our intrepid charity walker has gotten himself all the way to Wales and who should he bump into but Princess Anne? Did they discuss theories about the appropriate derivation of political authority? I’m thinking they didn’t.

We last checked in on Alex when he’d just left Cornwall. His next stop was Clovelly, and very lovely it was too.

After all that Alex needed a bit of a rest. The public did not let him down.

And he gets another break in Burnham on Sea thanks to the Royal Clarence Hotel.

Alex will have been be pleased with this next update. He’s finally getting somewhere, so to speak.

Oh, and he bumped into a random woman, did I mention that?

Alex has come a long long way

It’s been a while since we last caught up with Alex Ellis-Roswell. His long walk around the UK coastal paths continues. We’ll find out how far he’s come as we catch up with his updates.

Lewinnick Lodge is a restaurant and B&B. It seems like a nice place to stop for breakfast. It must have seemed like paradise after a night camped in front of an Atlantic sea storm.

Alex made it to Newquay life boat station the next day and was taken out surfing. His wet-suit selfie proves this blog has something for everyone.

But Alex’s trip is not all fun and games. His commitment shows in updates like this one, where he reflects on how lonely he is and how transient the people in his life are as he walks from town to town.

On practical matters Alex’s skills are improving. He’s looking out for more sheltered spots to camp and has learnt hard lessons about what he needs to do to stay dry. Eventually, I think Alex will find the walking and outdoor living becomes routine, but the loneliness is his real challenge.

His face still says he’s enjoying himself.

I wonder how long he will keep the beard? As Alex learns to make increasingly good use of local supporters will be find the Brian Blessed look serves him well, or should he invest some time in a barbershop? At the moment it’s working. The rough weather has been handled with a little help from his friends:

In a different note, it’s interesting to note that news stories like the Charlie Hebdo shootings reach out to even the loneliest and most remote lives, to people that need not stop and dwell on stuff like that, but they do anyway:

Shared experiences are one thing, but for Alex the weather is always present.

The weather in this image though looks just fine, I bet it is still cold though:

A little cold and wind has not stopped Alex.

Back on the walk

So 2015 starts out a bit bumpy. We are, somewhat predictably, moving pub, and the server that brings you all the best libertarian content here caught an expensive cold and needed to be quickly euthanised and replaced. Now things are running a little more smoothly there is time to do the traditional New Years reflection, but perhaps the moment has passed. Afterall, some of us have already got up off our arses and walked hundreds of miles for something we believe in.

You can get the top ten posts of 2014 on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Libertarian Home features heavily in Brian Micklethwait’s review-in-speakers, but for now let’s catch up with Alex.

Alex is back pounding hill sides for the RNLI. He has had a bumpy ride too, as it happens:

I should like to think that my year will feature as much action and commitment as Alex’s.

The fluffy bit at the end of the first movie

Do you remember the end of The Followship of the Ring? Of course you do. After a long walk – a very long walk, actually – Sean Bean’s character, a human general, makes a play to take the ever-so-tempting Ring of Power from Frodo just as some Orcs arrive looking for the Hobbits. There is a battle, the traitor redeems himself in death and the Hobbits escape by boat. There is a touching moment when Sam insists on coming with Frodo and Frodo accepts his company by rescuing Sam from an┬ádecidedly un-wise pursuit of Frodo into the water. This last incident, that may or may not have happened in the book, makes for that essential dramatic conclusion to the movie.

BUT – that isn’t the last scene. That honour goes to the scene where Sam and Frodo look out over the road ahead of them and share a moment together. A moment that says, man, this is going to be hard, but at least we have each other. It tells you more about the characters and the emotions that they feel than any┬ápart of the “dramatic conclusion”.

So anyway, I’m not sure why I mention that. So by way of an apology for that digression, here is an update from Alex.

The warning may have meant bad weather, but nevertheless, the next day we hear this:

And then, once Alex has made it to the next milestone we hear that the burden of Christmas is weighing heavily:

But at least he has people with him:

For god’s sake donate something.

What do basking sharks eat?

Alex is passing through the Lizard, a picturesque chunk of rock on the South coast. On Facebook, it seems as if Alex, wants us to understand what he’s going through.

From the weather at the Lizard:

To what he is physically walking on:

The amazing work of other fundraisers he meets:

To the obscure facts that you only have time to contemplate on a mission like his:

Oh Falmouth!

Falmouth is somewhere I visited as a boy several times. I remember walking up and down it’s streets in the evening, yellow light spilling out into the road. I don’t really remember why my parents were keen to explore -I was too small to appreciate it – but I remember the feel of those roads. They felt welcoming.

No surprise then that Alex is having the time of his life down there and doesn’t want to leave.

Here’s an example of the kind of benevolent nut-case Alex is meeting. This guy sounds like like a blast:

Alex finally escapes the welcome of Falmouth and proceeds by water to start the next leg of his journey: