Back on the walk

So 2015 starts out a bit bumpy. We are, somewhat predictably, moving pub, and the server that brings you all the best libertarian content here caught an expensive cold and needed to be quickly euthanised and replaced. Now things are running a little more smoothly there is time to do the traditional New Years reflection, but perhaps the moment has passed. Afterall, some of us have already got up off our arses and walked hundreds of miles for something we believe in.

You can get the top ten posts of 2014 on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Libertarian Home features heavily in Brian Micklethwait’s review-in-speakers, but for now let’s catch up with Alex.

Alex is back pounding hill sides for the RNLI. He has had a bumpy ride too, as it happens:

I should like to think that my year will feature as much action and commitment as Alex’s.

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