LPUK.org is dead

Ken Ferguson explains, over at Outspoken Rabbit:

Withers … tried to have the party de-registered with the Electoral Commission. Having failed in this, he turned his attention to the website, not targeting those members brave enough to publicly call him out for what he had done, but threatening the person in whose name the domain was registered. This resulted in comments and posts being closed down and the website was mothballed.

Earlier this week it seems Withers was unhappy that new membership subscriptions were apparently being diverted from the party bank account that remains under his control.

I can confirm the bank details matched those announced by Simon Fawthrop, I updated that page myself and I can confirm the basic story that the web host, someone I consider a freind and a hardworking activist for the party, was leaned on in the manner indicated.

I can also predict, in case it’s needed, that you won’t be receiving any official emails for a while, as the systems are hosted in common at Heart Internet, and my guess is that the account there has closed.


  1. Really glad that I kept a copy of everything I posted to the site!

    Also, I just had a look at the old blogspot site and it now redirects to libertarianpartyuk.com, which has nothing but a paypal button (to which account?) and an address in Brighton. Whose address is that I wonder?



  2. Not true,

    Please visit http://whois.domaintools.com/lpuk.org

    Note the expiration date…

    ****Domain ID:D148646503-LROR
    Domain Name:LPUK.ORG
    Created On:19-Jul-2007 18:53:05 UTC
    Last Updated On:28-Apr-2010 02:53:41 UTC
    Expiration Date:19-Jul-2011 18:53:05 UTC****

    Please note, I did warn folk a month ago that the domain name would expire…

    For another twist, check out the old LPUK blog site….



  3. The legal officer, and not the Editor of the LPUK is the one who is legally responsible for the contents of the site. If the Editor decided to post a link to to an illegal site, the police would be at the legals officers door and not the Editor. Since the Legal officer is legally responsible to the contents of the website, the legal officer as you may suspect has every right to make demands of the editor.



  4. @ John Watson

    I am sorry hat you found yourself, through no fault of your own, in a situation with which you were ill equipped to cope. Also, no blame attaches to your inability to extract the financial information from Withers- he was never going to allow that to be seen by anyone.

    However you were guilty of indulging in puerile games by trying to play both sides against the middle- your behaviour demonstrated naivete and lack of principle, not Machiavellian cunning. So, for example, you could not forward to me an email, the contents of which you considered private and confidential, and then blame me for putting the information into the public domain (where I believed it should have been in the first place!!!).

    However the main lesson you should have learned from this affair is to stop digging when you are in a hole. Hopefully you may, yet, do so.



      1. Since Ken had decided to go down the insult road, Ken was informed about the lpuk.org expiration by a direct private email more than a month back. When I had temporary access to the website , access details was forwarded under a directory name on lines of “for ken”. Assumption I can make, he clearly had access to the website domain, and had the tools to pay and renew the domain name him self. But rather sat back, allowed the domain name to expire and then blame it on another individual.


  5. Changing the address of the Party and the domain name of an Internet site using the Electoral Commission registration number of the LPUK and purporting to collect money on behalf of the LPUK are all matters which require discussion with, and approval of, the National Coordinating Committee and the membership.

    Decisions of this kind may not be taken by any officer without reference to the constitutional bodies of the Party.



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