Post Keynes-Hayek debate drinks with the ASI

On Tuesday 26th July, the LSE will be holding a public debate on the two giants of economics of the twentieth century – FA Hayek and John Maynard Keynes. We will be going along to support Prof George Selgin and Dr Jamie Whyte, who will be speaking in favour of FA Hayek’s side of the debate. The debate will be broadcast at a later date on BBC Radio 4, so it’s really important that we all go to show our support.

Professor George Selgin is one of the founders of the Modern Free Banking School, which draws its inspiration from the writings of Hayek on the denationalization of money and choice in currency. Dr Jamie Whyte has been a lecturer in philosophy at Cambridge University and is Head of Research and Publications at Oliver Wyman & Company, a London-based strategy consulting firm specialising in the financial services industry.

After the debate, the Adam Smith Institute has hired a room at the Old Bank of England Pub on Fleet Street (note: cash bar only). Please bring as many friends as possible to support the case for FA Hayek in what promises to be a hugely important event for classical liberalism in the UK.

See here for full details

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