Does Withers want to go it alone?

Zombie Walk by Moggs Oceanlane

Ian Parker-Joseph’s new company is hosting a website, at with a PayPal button inviting members to donate to the “Libertarian Party” and renew memberships. The site gives an unfamiliar address at Gemini Business Centre in Brighton. The NCC is not presently in control of all the Party’s known bank accounts so where this money goes is a matter of some concern. The Paypal feature appears to be going to a new account.

The obvious inferrence to be made is that Andrew Withers wants to keep the party open, rather than deregistering it. The idea that Andrew Withers will be able to meaningfully lead a Libertarian Party and achieve any legitimate goal is barking mad, but having dealt with Andrew over an outstanding invoice it is apparent that wants to preserve the appearance of operation. He is at pains to use grand terms and give it the appearance of being operated properly. He talks of finance committees, purchase orders and money eventually being paid, if only I correct a typo in the Party name. Coupled with Andrew’s history of using of words like “coup” and “faction” in unlikely contexts; his insistence he is legitimate controller of the only legitimate bank account; and his name remaining stubbornly attached to the Party’s legal identity on the Register I wonder if he might actually get away with it? In this light, his actions with regards to appear particularly mendacious. With out of the way, the website and email broken, and control of the old blogspot account he can appear to all the world as if he is in fact the legitimate controller of the Party, rather than the NCC. The feelings of the activists he needed to lean on to make that happen are apparently acceptable collateral damage.

Who would be reassured by all this?

The mood at the Party’s most active institution – the Southwark drinks – is clearly not in his favour. I don’t believe the people there would ever return to trusting him again, even in the face of an innocent verdict and the backing of Lord Ashcroft. The likely audience are the Electoral Commission.

After the SGM the EC will be faced on the one hand with a group of people claiming a democratic mandate to run the Party and on the other hand a smaller but more vocal group – perhaps just Ian and Andrew – who appear to actually be running a Party and claiming their own smaller mandate. If the NCC are awarded control, members have a shot at ensuring the Party is reborn along more professional lines. If Andrew is awarded ownership then the doors might stay open, but it will be a Party of the walking dead existing forever as Andrew Withers desires. The word Libertarian on a ballot paper will be an unlikely fantasy.

For your own sake, and for goodness’ sake, get your vote in at the SGM by plane, train, post or pigeon.


Update: Hello all. The situation above annoys me, and I want to do something positive. There is a chance to catch up next week and the week after in London. Let’s use those opportunities to try and decide what to do.


    1. Daz, I think we are on the same page, though I hold a little hope that the EC will make a sensible decision. Whatever happens it will not be the end of libertarian politicians.



      1. Could be a chance to start again and learn a few lessons. I’ve cooled off and would consider joining and helping to form a phoenix party. Dunno how much appetite there is for that?


  1. Having failed to de-register the LPUK because he did not have the support of the necessary officers to do so, Withers now appears to be trying to pretend that he is the LPUK. The first message to everybody must be:

    Do Not Send Any Money.

    The accommodation address given on this new website is not a LPUK address approved by the Party or its National Coordinating Committee.

    The thousands of pounds which have been given to the LPUK in subscriptions and donations have all been controlled by Andrew Withers. There is none of that money left and Withers has failed to account for what he has done with it. This matter has been reported to Avon & Somerset Police.

    No information is supplied about where any money sent through this website would go or what it would be used for. The only conclusion I could draw is that the money would continue to go to Andrew Withers.

    The LibertarianPartyUK website has not been authorised by the LPUK within its constitution and those people operating this site have no authority to use the LPUK name or to collect money in the name of the Party. Anybody who has given money to the LPUK and has concerns that it may have been misused should add their complaint to the one already registered with Avon & Somerset Police.



  2. Anybody who wishes to link their police complaint to the original one may do so by quoting the crime number which is:




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