Strategy workshop

In light of the continuing strange situation with LPUK, our mixed feelings toward other parties and continued enthusiasm for the fight, I’ve suggested we come up with our own strategy for 2012 as a group of activists.

We can leave aside, for now, the unresolved question of whether a Party will exist to support us. I suspect we’ll come up with some ideas that need a Party and many that really don’t. Also, we may find there are ideas that might benefit from the help of multiple institutions.

So I suggest we be sit down in the Rose and Crown at 11am Saturday 26th November to:

  • Work out which issues we want to address in 2012.
  • Decide whether the issues are amenable to education, direct intervention or legislative change, or some combination.
  • Come up with specific ideas on how to move forward.
  • Work out which ideas are the easiest possible ones and which might be more challenging.

The results of the meeting will be published here as a report to inform the whole community. There will be a chance to discuss what to publish and how to do so. I’ll also capture (offline) who proposed and who supported the idea and we can begin to get on with it.

Please RSVP via Facebook, or via normal channels.


  1. Perhaps a bit ‘chicken and egg’, but can I offer the suggestion to do this in conjunction with a survey of interested individuals, too? I’m sure there are many of us who would like to be part of something that by default will become Southern/ London-centric, but don’t have the means to take part.

    A simple survey using something like would help to find out where in the country we’re located and what ideas and expectations we might have. If trends and clusters of people can be identified, that can only be a bonus and a strength to getting a movement organised.

    I’d be happy to offer my help in putting together such a survey (although they’re quite easy to build!) and promoting it to potential respondents.



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