Scrambling for Safety – Thursday

Big Brother Watch, the LSE and leftist Open Rights Group have announced a team up a reiteration of their Scrambling for Safety conference at LSE on Thursday April 19th. The conference will focus on the fight against Cameron’s web and email surveillance scheme.

Jim Killock, of ORG writes:

The government snooping plan, the “Communications Capabilities Development Programme” is rolling ahead: the story broke in the Sunday Telegraph, and then last week in the Sunday Times. This time, the government reacted by pretending that the system will be limited and designed merely to maintain their current abilities.

ORG, LSE, Privacy International, Big Brother Watch and the Foundation for Information Policy Research have teamed up to provide an afternoon of debate and campaigning, called Scrambling for Safety, next Thursday afternoon. David Davis MP (TBC) and Shami Chaktrabati of Liberty will be speaking, alongside commercial and police representatives.

The CCDP leaks are trailing two very different systems. The first would involve ISPs intercepting your webmail, social media and forum chat, and storing the data showing who you talk to.

The second proposal would allow the police to gain access to the same “communications data” (who you talk to, and when) from big web companies. They would be able to get this data without a warrant, just by police officer simply signing a form, just as they do for phone bills today.

We want to tease out just how unregulated and instrusive both of these plans are, and find ways to campaign to stop them.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, although I suspect ORG’s Board, Advisory and members would find themselves surprised to be given a political allegiance. Libertarians and Conservatives are very welcome at ORG. We are politically neutral.

    Hope that helps, and thanks again,




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