1. Sadly this sort of thing happens a lot.

    For example NBC had a group of people ranting on about the “racists” of the Tea Party movement (they never produce any real evidence for this “racism” – but if a enough mud is thrown it sticks) – anyway they showed a Tea Party rally with, HORROR OF HORRORS, a man with a rifle on his back.

    So the panel of talking heads had, for once, some real evidence of armed white racist – a real stick to beat the Tea Party movement with.

    Accept…. NBC did not show the head or hands of the “white racist”.

    You guessed it – the man with a rifle on his back, was black.

    The lies of the “mainstream media” are that crude, that blatent.

    They really are scum.



  2. That is beyond contempt. It is an outright fraud. Misleading. Malice aforethought. Conspiracy.

    But, hey, they are Leftists, Fabians, SocDemmery. What else can we expect from them?



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