A few minor notices, as much for the authors here as for the audience.

First, I have surfaced the “Legislation” category in the menu. This is for coverage of specific legislative acts in some specific institution with de facto or de juris power over the citizens of the UK, US or EU and which is likely to be relevant to the UK. This might be a pseudo Governmental trade association, a supra-national legislature such as the UN or EU, parliament, local government or whatever.

Legislation is distinct from the Policy category which is specifically about forming new libertarian policies, the work of thinks tanks are most likely to be talked about here. It is my dream that, one day, some issues will move from policy formation to legislation and therefore updates about those issues might appear first in Policy and then in Legislation. That will mean libertarians have become effective in the legislative bodies. Generally, as of today, most of the legislation covered will be bad legislation, but that does not define the category.

I also remember that I have not defined the role of the People section. This is for people who are libertarian and are standing for office, doing well at some interesting business venture with political implications or whatever. There are sub categories for those, and one for Institutions which might include think thanks, campaign groups or political parties.

I have also curated a few further items of content into the “Ideas” submenu. The idea of this menu and the category “Libertarian Ideas” is to group together posts that are definitive of a libertarian idea, or apply it to some topical issue, but where the content is basically of a theoretical nature. Hopefully, things brought up in there will move into the Policy category before (one hopes) moving on into Legislation. There is a minor subcategory “Drugs and vice”, for discussion of the principles involved in libertarian drugs and vice policy. Stuff added here should be timeless, and serve as an introduction to the ideas, just as the page on Intellectual property dilemmas does.

Images are now mandatory for all posts, in particular it’s necessary to choose a “Featured image” for use in thumbnails and on social media. The house style is to use photographs, rather than artwork, though I do like a good map if we’re talking about a place, such as a constituency. There should be either a clear copyright attribution in the article or an obvious and uncontroversial case for fair dealing, because I cannot afford law suits!

Finally, if all that hasn’t put you off (it shouldn’t, as I aim to be both relaxed and supportive) then there is a revised policy on article contributions and an online form for sending them in.


    1. The blogs style is, I hope, a lot like dance. It just evolves and there are no strict limits but you wouldn’t turn up to El Divino in evening wear and perform a Waltz.

      Incidentally, and as with so many good things, I started playing big box little box with photography because it made sense economically. The Flickr Creative Commons is a precious pool of awesomeness.



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