DCMS runs invite only Leveson consultation with 1 blogger

This blog had heard about the meeting in advance and was helping to find a well-qualified representative to put the case for not-implementing Leveson at all. Nick Pickes considers himself opposed, but was the case well put? We do not know.

Leveson has captured thousands of bloggers in it’s net, meetings with ministers about censorship should reflect the multitude of institutions they have chosen to censor. Nuptuals notwithstanding it would be great to do something about this. To let “them” (the faceless secret-meeting organisers) know that there is a body of opinion which opposes press-regulation as a concept, in full, and completely.


    1. This, Sunny attending, was predictable.

      It is why I said at the time that the reason the Fabians and other Lefties were, if anything, cheering this on, was that they felt they would be on the inside, nomenklatura, if not at the beginning, soon thereafter once their tireless elbowing and worming into departments got into gear. They are tireless entryists.



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