How to respond to the death of a political opponent

Over at Liberal Conspiracy Sunny Hundal is peddling his usual schoolyard-level analytical line regarding the vile lefties celebrating Maggie Thatcher’s death. i.e., attack the attackers by finding something similar about the right from the past and then claiming hypocrisy. In this case, he’s been scanning the internet for mentions of Michael Foot, the ex-leader of Labour who shuffled off a few years back. Although he has unearthed a few comments and the odd critical obituary, I doubt he’ll find reports of street parties.

It brought to mind this clip from ‘Not The Nine O’ Clock News”, which indicates the correct way to respond when a political opponent dies.


  1. My thoughts on the day were similar to this. This is not an election lost, or political retirement, but a death of a person nearing quarter of a century after their premiership. Show some respect, or hold your tongue.

    But my view has now changed. I think had the reaction to Thatchers passing been anything like this it would have been a great shame. It is at rare times like these that the mask slips on our finely polished national politics, helped on by social media eliciting ill considered instant reactions. For the first time in many years we have politicians expressing unscripted personal and political opinions, which have been very revealing. The politicisation of state institutions have been exposed, particularly the education system. The hammer and sickle are flying in many an awkward photo, and a spotlight is shone on Black Bloc, ALARM, and other Marxist or anarchist groups congealing in the sewers, which many would never have known about had they not joined the very public torrent of hatred. It is a shame really that Ed Milliband and others have demonstrated such restraint.

    Thatchers death and the reaction to it has caused major damage to the carefully crafted image the left has created. They are exposed as not just hateful people, but an authoritarian movement that as history has constantly reminded us revel in death of their opponents. So thank you Thatcher, and and thank you all you communist nutters that have set your movement back 30 years.




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