Video: The life and works of Garet Garrett

Garet Garrett (1878-1954) is a case study in forgotten genius. His work offers a sparkling vision of peace under free markets. Garrett saw peace and freedom as the essential precondition for the real drama of human life that revolves around creation, association, risk, love, courage and the full range of human experiences that transform society in spectacular ways.


Books mentioned in the talk




  • Salvos against the New Deal (1933-1940)
  • Defend America First (1939-1942)
  • The Revolution Was (1944), Ex America (1952) and Rise of Empire (1952)

    Garrett’s three monographs are a vigorous plea for the threatened freedom of America as well as the rest of the civilised world. His keen penetration and his forceful direct language are unsurpassed by any author.”Ludwig von Mises

    Published together as “The Peoples Pottage” in 1952 and now available as “Ex America” on Kindle and hardcover.


Other suggested reading

Details of all these and others to buy or download can be found on



Editor: Michael provided links to and discussed a 10 for 8 offer there. I have added Amazon links to what seems (on 30 seconds browsing) to be the most compelling offer. Several books are available on Kindle and there is allegedly one “New” copy of the People’s Pottage available. Caveat Emptor.

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