An emerging Libertarian Enclave in Cumbria?

The Independent are impressed by the independent spirit of the Cumbrians:

cyber-moorWhen BT refused to provide up-to-date internet without government subsidies, [the town of] Alston Moor set up its own community-owned co-operative, Cybermoor, to provide broadband. Residents bought shares in the company and local labour dug up the roads to install the fibre cable needed. In the next month, it is hoped 300 homes will have high-speed broadband.

When Nenthead’s shop closed down – making it difficult to get a pint of milk as the last bus leaves at 2.30pm – the community rallied round to raise funds to set up its own store, which has been running for five years. These are just two of almost 20 social enterprises in the parish – from a bakery and gymnasium to a community snowplough and heritage railway station, all run largely by volunteers



Image via Networx3.


  1. I wonder how many villages languish without broadband while subsidies are discussed, and how many jobs and innovative ideas are kept waiting? Villages that crack on with proportionate local solutions without taxpayer subsidy should be admired for their dynamism and moral character.



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