My advice to American Gun Owners

Yet again someone in the midst of a drug-induced psychotic episode has gone into a Disarmed Victim Zone and caused mass murder.  Consequently the ever-vigilant Daughters of Gun Temperance are in full battle cry.

Something needs to change. The anti-gunners will always use every opportunity to attack because they see no reason not to.  They take one step forward, and the gun-owners push them one step back. However, if the gun-owners could push them two steps back and take one step forward themselves, the anti-gunners would soon lose their appetite to dispute.  They would be in the position they’ve managed to put gun-owners for so long: just trying to hold on to what they’ve got.

That means building on the work done in recent months, spreading the culture of responsible gun-ownership, and reaching out especially to people who are new to gun-ownership, of which there must be many amongst those who rushed out to buy in fear of a post-Sandy Hook ban.  Also gun-owners should vote with their dollars and support businesses who openly support the 2nd Amendment or display “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Welcome” signs. It also means continuing the tedious task of contacting representatives and making them understand that they will be held to their oath of office. The recent victory in the Colorado recall illustrates what can be done when gun-owners work together.

The defence of the 2nd Amendment must be combined with a general defence of the Bill of Rights.  It is not by any means the only one under threat, and a broader approach may make it easier to explain why the right to keep and bear arms is so crucial.  Focusing on the whole of the Bill of Rights could also lead to what I think is the most potent weapon against the District of Criminals exceeding its authority : the 10th Amendment. There will still be struggles against opponents closer to home, but if the patriots can make good use of the 10th to nullify unconstitutional legislation, the only people that Feinstein will be bothering are the poor benighted Californians.


  1. Gun shop owners are NOT ALLOWED to check if someone has a
    record of mental illness – as this violates the “Civil Rights” of
    lunatics. So unless someone actually says in your gun shop “I hear
    voices telling me to kill people” (asthe lunatic in question did)
    there is no way of (legally) knowing. As for places such as the
    Washington Naval Shipyard. Is it not time to revoke the 1993
    Executive Order of President Clinton forbidding people (other than
    guards) carrying firearms on Federal government property – even
    serving military people are not allowed to do so (other than for a
    specific function – such as target training). This means that the
    victims were unarmed and helpless – has they not been it is most
    likely that most of the victims would be alive now (as they would
    have been able to shoot back). As for (lunatic-central) California
    – there are many ways of going down the totalitarian road on the
    sly. For example there is a big move to ban the private sale of
    bullets in California. Not as a “gun control” measure (oh dear me –
    no) – but as an “environmental” measure. You see most bullets are
    made (at least partly) of lead…….



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