Protest planning meeting re: Miranda detention

David Miranda is a Guardian journalist working with Glenn Greenwald on the NSA Files – a collection of leaked documents that revealed pervasive internet surveillance by US and UK authorities. On passing through Heathrow he was detained for nine hours and treated like a terrorist. Nobody, not even actual terrorists, had been treated this way before.

It was quickly admited that his detention took place under anti-terror legislation designed to help authorities determine if air pasengers were terrorists but the authorities seemed to know that David Miranda was not a terrorist before he was stopped. When the law is used in this way, it is no protection at all. A judicial review has been initiated by the Guardian to get to the truth of the matter and hearings will take place on an unknown date likely to be in October.

I would like to do something about this, in support of objective equally applied law and against arbitrary interpretation of the law by officials. I cannot do that alone and need help. I need to know:

  • what support I can get from the community, and from beyond the meetup?
  • what it is possible to say and do legally while the case is underway?
  • what tactics will work?
  • what materials are needed and how to pay for them?

I would like to get together at the usual venue of the Rose and Crown in Southwark for a meeting to consider these questions. You can RSVP on, but this is optional. There is an indication of the seated capacity on the meetup page.

Also, please do share the graphic below.

Theresa May Miranda protest meeting teaser

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