The demise of the Backbencher?

Two weeks have passed since The Backbencher announced it was for sale. Signs of decline had been perceptible for some time, low comment counts, a slow decline in the rate of new postings, the sunny weather marking passage of its student contributors to exam time, graduation, and the careers they have rightfully earned.



The Backbencher has been an impressive project, publicly available traffic stats overtook Libertarian Home shortly after it launched and rocketed up. The advent of a significant libertarian website delivering general political news is a formal journalistic format was a significant contribution and a praiseworthy achievement for those involved. It has surely advanced the cause of liberty in this country.

What is particularly impressive at this that the website “declined” to such a high level. It continued to attract decent contributions right until the end, contributions that the audience seem keen to share on social media. This, the high regard in which the site is held and it’s recognition from Wikipedia contributors as a legitimate news outlet would justify a valuation in the middle of four digits, unfortunately no sale has yet been agreed and the website is dormant.

The editor is thought to be considering a flexible arrangement with multiple parties involved.

One Comment

  1. There are interesting novel ways of funding media platforms that have potential yet aren’t generating much income. The LetsTalkBitcoin ‘Coin’ gives contributors digital tokens for content creation. Advertisers buy tokens at auction for advertising slots. Thus those who believe and contribute to the network can benefit if the network grows, without the owner having to give up overal ownership or control.



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