Alexander Ellis-Roswell’s amazing trek for RNLI

Alexander Ellis-Roswell, A 21 year old libertarian activist, has embarked on a 6,500 mile trek around the coast of Great Britain in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution – the voluntarily funded emergency service. A service which requires sophisticated hardware, specialist equipment and skills, beachside property and dozens of other things that make this a difficult proposition, yet it happens just as our principles and theories say it will whenever the state leaves a gap.

Alex began his journey in Margate and has just crossed the Tamar into Cornwall, having walked the South coast. I intend to follow this epic adventure on the blog.

Here are Alex’s latest updates:

He got to the church but the caretaker locked him in. Not funny!

You can donate via his campaign page.


  1. A noble deed, especially at this harsh time of year, and for a very noble cause. The RNLI has saved lives for very many years – and it shows that people can fund, and staff, an emergency organisation voluntarily.



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