Tax realists maintain brand appeal

An advertising agency has surveyed 1500 Britains asking them about their most loved brands. I highlighted the tax avoiders in Green. I have not checked if they are up or down compared to previous surveys; the mismatch between how they are talked about in the media and the poll result is what interests me. Despite all the clamour against these firms they retain broad popularity.

1. Amazon

2. Cadbury

3. Walkers

4. Heinz

5. BBC1

6. Google

7. Kellogg’s

8. Boots

9. Tesco

10. ITV

It is disappointing though, that BBC ranks so highly. It is not as if Kellogg’s (who lost out to them in 7th) go around locking people up in pursuit of revenue.


  1. Good – and, of course, legally minimising their tax bill is exactly what the “Guardian” newspaper crowd do also (although they denounce everyone else who does it).

    There is no automatic reason why individual income or business income should be taxed – after all the State of South Dakota (a State of about a million people) still does not do so, and NO they do not get a fortune from natural resources taxes (that is North Dakota – which does tax individual income and business enterprises).



  2. Lefties have their 5 minute hate, convince themselves that most people agree, and add another chant to their repetoire. 92% of the population do not notice, and carry on as before.



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