1. On the other hand, “If we do not all hang together we shall surely hang separately.”

    . . .

    Few blanket rules really are, and nearly all aphorisms are to be taken with large doses of salt.

    Or, as me old Dad used to say (to my profound distress), “Circumstances alter cases.”

    What then? Decide everything on a case-by-case basis? No rule of law, set and knowable? All “wisdom” and “knowledge” are merely ad hoc?

    Nope. The essence of wisdom is knowing which rules apply in which circumstances.

    No one (with one possible exception, for those who think so) has ever had complete wisdom, and no one ever will. So we can only continue to try to expand our wisdom. And we know that in some contexts of ideas, and in some circumstances, Mr. Pratchett had the straight of it … and in other contexts and circumstances, we must hang with Mr. Franklin.



  2. There is nothing wrong with pulling together by choice. The problem is when people are coerced and bent to the will of the few or one, with plurality oppressed.



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